Violence is when you obstruct the natural flow of energy. For example, when a child wants to play and you restrict.


On Finalizing truth

When people are very much directed and motivated towards their so called goal, they tend to finalize a certain truth. A truth that is beneficial to them. A truth that will probably lead them to the so called success.

I have seen that when goal changes, so called final truth changes.

Its okay to finalize a certain truth and carry on your endeavor but one must understand that the truth they have finalized may not be actually true. This understanding gives you flexibility when you change your goal. You will be able to finalize the new truth easily. You will be able to play with truth. This will give you immense power over your mind.

Well, you can finalize this truth now !

Life and No-Life

There is no difference between life and no-life,
no difference between living and non-living,
no difference between life and death,
All are the same.
The difference exists only in our sanskaar.
The words ‘life’ and ‘death’, ‘living’ and ‘non-living’,
have only utilitarian value.
Actually there is no life and no death.
Nothing is alive and no being is dead. Ever.


The deeper the source, the purer is the gyana.
The purer the gyana, the more powerful rebellion it brings.
The more powerful rebellion, the more patience is needed to be it.
So, meditate, music and dance quietly.
To not allow the gyana be barrier for the gyana that has yet to come.